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About Chums Live

Chums Live is the first Filipino social network platform that allows you to interact with talented online Chummies. With highly innovative features, Chums Live gives you a wide selection of shows like singing, dancing, cooking, tutorials and many more. At the same time, viewers can be Chummy and engage with their favorite Chummies by sharing comments and sending gifts.

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with Chums Live!


Check out who's the sweetest. See the Chummies sing, dance, and do tutorials.

Broadcast Yourself

Share your thoughts and talents to your Chummies. Be one of the online Chummies now!

Give Love

Show your appreciation by giving your favorite Chummies flowers, chocolates, hearts and other gifts.


Communicate with the Chummies. Send them messages while they are LIVE.

Together, let's create a Chummy world.

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